Enamelled Wire Testers    
Automatic HV Break Down Voltage tester (BDV Tester)
Electrode Apparatus for checking BDV value on Tapes and Films
DC High Voltage Continuity Tester
Thermoplastic Cut Thro' Tester
Motorised Elongation Tester
Motorised Mandrel Winder
Unidirectional Scrape Tester
Repeated Scrape Abrasion Tester for Wires and Strips
Peel Tester
Spring Back Tester
Edge-Bending Tester
Jerk Tester
Twisting Device for Round Wire
Twisting Device for Strips
Surface Insulation Resistance Tester
Stacking Factor
Arc Resistivity Tester
Tracking Index
Mica Plate Thinkness Tester
Freon Bomb